• David Lowe

    Philly based. Grip and lighting equipment

    610 308-7120 davidwlow@comcast.net

  • Lights

    Joker 800 hmi kit w/chimera

    Arri 125 hmi pocket par kit w/chimera

    2 Aputure LED C300d II w/fresnels, Aputure 35” light dome, Interfit 41" & 26" foldable soft white beauty dishes, grids

    LiteGear LiteMate Plus 3 hybrid led (21"x30.5") with snapgrid

    2 Kino Flo Celeb 250's led with snapbag and honey comb grid

    2 Lite Panel Astra 6x bi-color 1x led light panels with snapbag and eggcrate

    2 Westcott 1x bi-color led flex mat lights, w/softbox, china cube

    2 Aputure MC 4 led puck light kit

    2 4' Pavolite RGBW (flo) led tube lights ac/dc 2700-6500k with 1 snapgrid

    2 2’ Pavolite RGBW (flo) led tube lights ac/dc 2700-6500k with 1 snapgrid

    2 Bolzen Fresnel LED 55w daylight (300w tungsten equivalent)

    2 Dracast 6"x 4" "obie" bi-color led w/4 batteries


    Electric Kit

    Sekonic c-700 color temperature meter, 8-25', 4-50', 1-100'ac cables. 6 gold mount batteries and charger, ground lifters, cube taps, power strips, inline dimmer, socket dimmers, cello-screen. Gel roll - gel sheets: 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, full CTO, CTB, straw, +, - green, hampshire, opal, 250, 216, grid cloth, cosmetic Hi-light.



    Honda EU2200i 2000w portable gas generator



    8x section frame set w/full silent grid, poly silk, 1/2 soft frost

    6x frame set w/ultra bounce, full grid, silent 1/2 grid, silent 1/4 grid, poly silk, 1/2 soft frost, single net, double net

    3 4x flat open frames 2 collapsible 4x frames

    4x slip-on rags: solid, ultra-bounce, satin silver/white bounce, full grid, 1/2 grid cloth, 1/4 grid cloth, 1/2 soft frost, hi-light, poly silk, dbl net, single net

    4x solid floppy, 36"x solid floppy, 2 floppy sticks

    40" yoked, hard/medium, silver reflector board

    4x b-board, 2x4 b-board, 2x b-board, 4x gold flex b-board, 2x gold flex

    24" x36" collapsible flag kit, w/2 solids, double net, single net, silk

    18" x24" collapsible flag kit, w/2 solids, double net, single net, silk

    2 40" disc reflector set, 1 small 20" disc reflector set

    1x mirrors

    2 nesting apple box sets

    2 mini boom arms

    6 15lbs, 12 10lbs, 2 5lbs, sandbags

    5 step light weight platform ladder

    10'x25' black visqueen, duvetyn

    2 sound blankets

    Grip Set Kit: 2 grip heads, 2 combi heads, 2 short arms, 2 maffer clamps, 2 matthellini clamps, 2 duck bill clamps, 2 drop ceiling clamps, 2 6" grip pins, 2 wire safety cables, 2 3" baby pigeon plates, 6 #1, #2, #3 spring clamps, clothes pins, black trick line, 6 wood wedges, 12" black wrap, sash, gaffer tape-set



    6 c-stands, 2 triple riser combo stands, 1 baby steel triple riser, 6 baby 8' aluminum, 4 baby 10' aluminum light stands



    10'x12' impact green screen kit

    9'x roll white seamless paper

    12x solid
    4 safety vest

    2 Motorola T-600 walkie-talkies w/handsets

    10x pop-up tent

    2 senior magliners, 1 junior magliner, small rocknroller cart




    Ford Transit Connect 2 passenger Van



    Liability and equipment certificates of insurance available upon request


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  • About

    Working in production 25+ years, on various projects such as; interviews, feature films, corporate, still, documentaries, commercials, TV, live events. Core skills are based on the lighting mindset, that no matter what the light source used, the work is to direct, cut, diffuse, scrim, reflect, focus, and color it. That making camera movement, it's placement and easing the task of the operator, always a top priority. The courtesy of keeping unwanted light out of the lens, monitors in the shade, an apple box to lift, or a pad under talent for a cushion.

    A philosophy to be early, prepared, quiet, polite and in good spirits. To enjoy the craft, and working collaboration with, clients, crew, and talent.


    An elite master cyclist, competitive cyclocross racer, in excellent health. A vegetarian since 1984. With an appreciation for a good beer, travel, music, art, reading, and the home life in our 170-year-old barn/house in Bala Cynwyd, PA. with my wife and cats.